Getaway Mommas Night Out

As with most Moms, my days, nights and weeks go by very quickly due to the calendar being so full. Before I know it, I haven’t seen some of my girls in months. I have this group of friends that I fondly refer to as my “old skool” friends. I spell it that way to stay cool (or so I think, lol!).

This group of women knew me way back when…… know, before married life, kids etc.. These were some of the ladies that I lived, worked, partied, cried, laughed, dreamed and grew up with while I was beginning adulthood.  These are the after college girlfriends that got me through the tough times. As well as the ones who I had A LOT of FUN with! The girls that you would bare your heart to when you thought you would never find a soul mate, or never find a job that pays, or who are there to save you from a boring date. The girls who would walk you home from the corner pub after you drank too much trying to impress the cute boy who had no idea you were even around. These ladies have seen and heard it all! We have watched each other blossom into wives, mothers, teachers, corporate executives and PTA board members.

Some of these old skool friends flew the nest years ago and live in other states. (We miss those that have left our beautiful state!)  However, a good number of them have stayed in Colorado and built their lives/families here. Lucky for me I still get together with these ladies and we love to reminisce of times gone by. The best is that we all are there for each other still, to lend an ear and give support for the latest happenings in our busy lives. There is nothing like getting together with these old friends! We laugh until we cry OR pee our pants and it fills my life so richly. Although, some of us live in different cities and towns of Colorado we have managed to maintain some consistency of getting together. These “old skool” girls are a big part of my Getaway Mommas story. We have had some of the best girls weekends!

These girls weekends typically consist of a lot of wine and or booze, great food (everyone can cook or bake in this group!), trashy magazines, a little activity, music & dancing, laughing uncontrollably and then a massage or some sort of pampering to feel refreshed before we head back home to our families. These weekends are the best! Unfortunately, they are really hard to put together these days with all of us having such busy schedules. So now we live for the Moms night out and we have become the “Getaway Mommas”. We get together for dinner just to get a taste of what we love so much from our weekend getaways. Even though it is only one night, at least we get this one night to feed our souls with love and laughter. I crave these moments and I feel so grateful that I get to have them with these women.

They all have inspired me in so many ways. Each person has a talent that they bring to the mix.  The qualities that each exhibit compliment the group as a whole. I feel lucky to be able to learn and grow with these ladies. This blog is for them! I want each of them to know how much I appreciate the moments we have shared and continue to share. Their friendship makes me feel special and fortunate. I love that these women knew me way back when and continue to be a part of my life today as I still am trying to figure out adulting!

So, Mommas out there, you do not have to count on just girls weekends away. You can make it a night out and it can be enough to feed your soul until the next gathering. It is time to Getaway Momma! Plan a night out with the girls or a weekend away that will make you feel good, have fun and pee your pants!

Where to Momma?

Tell me what you and your girlfriends like to do? Let us in on the fun! We are all one big happy family of women looking to getaway, feel young, free and alive. Share your pictures with us on social media through Facebook or Instagram. Hashtag #getawaymommas and/or tag us anytime you and your girlfriends go out to dinner, drinks, a concert, the spa, shopping……you name it!

Check back frequently as we will be building our recommendations for you and your friends or significant other to refer to when planning your next escape!

A Getaway Plan for Mom

Girlfriends, “Calgon, take me away!” just doesn’t cut it anymore. A typical Mom day goes like this:  wake the kids, feed the kids, get the kids off to school, take dog on a walk, clean up the house, start the laundry, go to work, pick up kids, drive soccer carpool, go to the grocery store, make dinner, help with homework, clean up kitchen, finish the laundry, clean up dog poop and fall into bed. At the end of the day, you might hear your partner say, “I worked all day so I am hitting the sack early.” You think to yourself……REALLY???

Calgon? I need more than a damn bath after 5 days of hard labor. I need a massage, a glass…no a bottle of wine, a hot tub and a nice restaurant. More than that, I need to belly laugh with my girlfriends, sleep 8 hours, get a latte and then maybe participate in the Tough Mudder! But wait, maybe just a relaxing Spa Weekend would be a better idea….? Don’t forget I AM a Jersey Girl. I do like to be pampered……..a massage, a manicure, a pedicure and a facial might be what this Getaway Momma needs.

I need it and so do you, Momma. Like many of you, I am raising kids and working a job. There is everything right with needing an escape to rejuvenate your soul and getting you ready to take on the next kid’s homework assignment like that diorama that’s due tomorrow!

Check back for the next chapter in the Getaway Mommas adventures! My goal is to become your resource guide for all things that help Mommas escape from the craziness of life and unwind with some of your favorite people.

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