I am the Original Getaway Momma! Like many hardworking Mommas out there I am part of a circus. I juggle kids, husband, dog, kids doctors’ appointments, dogs doctor appointments, work, carpool, activities for the kids, activities for me, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, paying bills and on and on and on…………….with all of this who DOESN’T need to escape?! Although I do believe in hard work, I also believe that playing even harder is the way to go! You need to reward yourself for performing the best juggling act at the circus!

I did not always live in Colorado; I discovered it as an adult. I was raised on the east coast in New Jersey, lived in Indiana (just outside of Chicago) for 5 years then made my way out west and landed in beautiful Colorado. I finished college, got a job, got married and I am raising 3 kids here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Never did I think that I would stay in Colorado. In my head I thought I would always move back east but everything changed when I got to experience the true beauty of what Colorado offered me. Living near the mountains and having the opportunity to escape into the hills to rejuvenate my soul was life sustaining. I tried things for the first time; things that I could not have experienced in any other part of the country. I loved this new adventure in my life and I wanted to stay in Colorado and be a part of every new thrill. From camping, hiking, biking, white water rafting, to skiing, snowshoeing, sleigh rides, ATV riding, horseback riding to concerts at Red Rocks – it’s all here. I want to do everything. I live it and I love it!

Years ago, I turned my passion for the mountain escapes into a career in the travel industry. I began booking clients into vacation homes in the mountain towns of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. In between work and family, I found myself becoming the designated vacation and itinerary planner for my girlfriends. As a mom, I had been the family vacation planner so it was easy (and more fun) to throw myself into creating a good time for my friends. Whether it is a night out on the town to escape the circus of everyday life, to a weekend away with our “get out of jail free card”, my girlfriends and I have had some great getaways. It made sense to start documenting all of this, SO, Getaway Mommas was born!

Getaway Mommas gives you all a break. No more hassle of having to plan your next getaway – you do enough of that throughout your day! No more of “Where should we go out for dinner or drinks?”, “Where should we go for a Spa day?”, “Where should we go shoppping and have lunch with the girls?” “Where is the best place to getaway for the weekend with my girlfriends?” “What adventures can we do in the mountains?” “Where is the best place to see a concert?” You know, all of the same questions we all ask each other when we are trying to plan our escape. Getaway Mommas will be the resource for all those Mommas out there looking to plan the next day or night out to the next weekend or week long adventure away. Time to schedule your next Getaway, Momma!!